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The Importance of International Background Checks

Conducting a thorough background check on potential new employees is critical. But managing a successful screening program across different regions is challenging - you must understand compliance regulations and know which checks can be fulfilled in certain countries.

Partnering with an organisation experienced in global background checks can help your hiring team overcome a wide range of challenges more efficiently.

  • Consistent Hiring Standards - Protect your company, customers, and employees by establishing rules and processes across regions that align with your business objectives.
  • Risk Management - Maintain a holistic view of local compliance laws and regional privacy regulations.
  • Positive First Impression - A simple, straightforward experience allows candidates to submit information quickly, regardless of their location.
  • Single Source of Truth - Give your global team one consistent experience to interact with candidate data, submit screening orders, and review results.

Sterling: Your Trusted Global Screening Partner

We combine deep regional screening and compliance expertise with an extensive operational footprint to help navigate and simplify the complexities of global background checks.

Global Compliance Team

Stay compliant with national and local laws with ongoing guidance on the evolving global regulatory landscape.

Seamless Experiences

We integrate with 40+ applicant tracking systems, and our Candidate Hub is available in 15+ languages.

In-House Fulfilment

We employ global researchers to provide accurate background screening services across regions.

Unrivalled Support

Dedicated team members are available during local business hours to assist you and your candidates.

Global Reach. Localised Expertise.

Sterling provides highly localised technology-enabled experiences, tools, and services to more than 50,000 clients globally. Our extensive portfolio allows you to conduct an international background check quickly and easily, regardless of where your candidates live or work.

Sterling offers screening solutions both in your location and across multiple regions, depending on your needs.

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In 2023, Sterling acquired Socrates, the leading background screening provider in Latin America. We are the only screening company with operations in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia and we complete 100% of our Latin America criminal background check fulfilment in-house. Contact us for information about screening in Latin America.

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Sterling’s robust suite of global identity and screening services is available across 240+ countries and territories.
Sterling’s robust suite of global identity and screening services is available across 240+ countries and territories.

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