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Highlighting the Facts

Educational qualifications can paint a strong candidate picture, but can you be sure the image being portrayed is truly accurate? Education Verification is a simple and effective way to check the honesty and suitability of your candidates.

The average cost of a bad hire can be between 15%-21% of that employee’s salary, depending on seniority.1

How Does Our Education Verification Process Work?

Education Verifications authenticate candidates’ academic history, industry qualifications, and professional membership claims directly with registrars and administration offices, many of whom know us well. We compare claims made by your candidate with information on the official files and alert you of inconsistencies.
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A Secure and Reliable Measure of Honesty

  • Forgery-protected results delivered securely online
  • Unbiased, unaltered records obtained directly from educational institutions
  • Verified by teams with knowledge of diploma mills and fraudulent education institutions
  • A consistent and auditable process

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